Globaltestmarket: reviews and role in modern marketing research

When launching or operational improving products, companies usually conduct market research. Thanks to the results of these works, production manages to incur minimal costs for the promotion of goods in a particular segment.

2019-12-08 11:44

Why do we need ABC XYZ analysis?

The article talks about what ABC XYZ analysis is, where, how and in which business this analysis method is applied.

2019-12-08 11:42

Overdue receivables: reflected in accounting.

An accessible and understandable guide to writing off overdue receivables for a novice accountant.

2019-12-08 11:40

KPIs - what is it? KPIs are key performance indicators. KPI Development

Is KPI a buzzword borrowed in the West and hardly applicable to Russian realities, or is it the most important factor in successful management?

2019-12-08 11:39

The little tricks of the supermarkets you are still tricked into

Food experts, industry analysts, and store employees share their knowledge on how to save money on groceries, stay healthy, and defeat supermarkets in their own game.

2019-12-08 11:38