Moscow Innovation Agency - a guarantee for the development of the region

Given the progressive development of each market sector, it becomes difficult to create a unique product and maintain an optimal level of its competitiveness. In solving this issue, each manufacturer is trying to find new ways to achieve their goals, which leads to the only right way out - the creation of innovation.

Innovation is the key to business success

The term "innovation" has many definitions, but without a clear understanding of it, it is difficult enough to begin work on their creation. So, by innovation, many mean innovation, new development, but this is not entirely true. In fact, this concept characterizes those inventions and ideas that contribute to increasing the level of development of society.

Новые инновации

New innovations are intellectual solutions, the introduction of which will provide an improvement in the sphere of life and other areas of human functioning. Creating an innovation directly depends on the level of investment, so some companies are forced to seek help from innovation agencies.

Innovation Agencies - Part of the Economic Market

The direction for the development of innovations has long existed in the market, but it was mainly engaged in innovations at the level of educational institutions. And in order to expand this direction and ensure the flow of constant ideas, the "Agency for Innovation of the City Moscow "(CEO Parabuchev Aleksey Igorevich) was created. Its creation took place at the level of the Department of Science, and now only it has the right to accept applications for new projects and evaluate their appropriateness and level of innovation.

конкурс иновационных проектов

A contest innovation projects. is held annually on the basis of this organization. With its help, innovative proposals in various fields of activity are determined, which in the future will be financed for full development and implementation. The competition was created to popularize innovative ideas the city, to ensure demand for them and further support.

Promotion of innovative development

By popularization of innovations, as a rule, they mean informing about the features and opportunities that exist in Moscow. This includes: creating a city brand, highlighting it against the background of other cities, popularizing the economic sphere and opportunities for its development, as well as identifying free niches and business segments.

Basically, the target audience of innovation projects competitions is represented by domestic and foreign companies in the field of healthcare, environmental technologies, industry, energy, etc. Therefore, their winners can be sure that their development will be appreciated.

Agency Tasks

The main task that guided us when creating the city's innovation agency is to increase the level of demand for innovative developments of local companies. In the long term of successful functioning, it is planned that the share of procured innovative developments under the state order will be equal to 15%.

агентство инноваций города Москвы, генеральный директор

In addition to conducting contests, selecting ideas, determining their appropriateness and level of novelty, control over implementation and the level of ultimate effectiveness is carried out. All this is carried out by the Moscow Innovation Agency. In this case, it guarantees the fulfillment of all conditions of cooperation with companies and has the right to make adjustments at any stage of the process.

Innovation centers as one of the elements of the organizational structure

On the basis of the aforementioned agency, various centers were created, united in the areas of economic and technical development. The innovation center contributes to the generation of ideas, as well as the creation of full-fledged projects from the development stage to the implementation and evaluation process.

инновационный центр

The following centers currently operate on territory of Moscow:

  • on prototyping and design;
  • engineering;
  • mechatronics;
  • robotics;
  • 3D modeling.

This is just a small list of areas that the innovation center is promoting and promoting. Due to the narrow focus, all participants can demonstrate innovations in the most promising perspective.

Varieties of innovative projects

New innovations, like other projects, are divided into types:

  1. Technological. These include the development of new manufacturing products, products or changes to existing designs.
  2. Social. They mean changes or innovations in the main areas of life of the capital.
  3. Grocery. The Moscow City Innovation Agency promotes the development of fundamentally new products with useful properties.
  4. Marketing. Using this type, new and significantly improved advertising methods are implemented, which cover the design and packaging of products, presentation materials, etc.

агентство инноваций города Москвы

Presentation of the organization

The presentation of the described organization took place in October 2015. In its course, the goals of opening the agency were formulated:

  • forming a sustainable basis for the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the market environment;
  • continuous development innovation infrastructure;
  • increase in the level of Attractions of Moscow for the influx of investment in the field of innovation;
  • attracting investment contributions to the activities of progressive companies.

As it became known from the presentation, the “Innovation Agency of the City of Moscow” will, in addition, contribute to the development of technoparks and technopolises, creating comfortable conditions for existence and activity with a further increase in their number.