Certificate of product quality - what is the point?

The certificate product quality is a document indicating a general view, including the confirmation of compliance, declaration and other special papers. It is sometimes called a security certificate.

In the article, we will consider what its essence is with the example of a document on compliance.

сертификат качества

General information

Certificate of Conformity for Productsaccording to the national system, GOST R is a document that confirms that the goods have the declared characteristics according to the requirements established for them. It is classified as permissive. The certificate of quality of conformity is obtained according to established schemes, which are recommended to applicants by the authorities conducting this procedure and having accreditation for this. The document is issued both for single goods and for lots, as well as mass production.


In our age of serious competition, the pressing issue is how to stand out from the rest. One of the tools is precisely the quality certificate. Consumer demand can be stimulated in various other ways. However, as a rule, the presence of a document proving the high quality of products is a win-win option. After all, it shows that according to the state standard it meets all the necessary requirements.

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Certification is required or voluntary. In the first case, its necessity is spelled out in the resolution of the State Standard. In order to obtain a certificate of quality, products are subjected to certain tests in special laboratories. If the procedure is voluntary, then it can be carried out by any organization that decides to engage in this type of activity and has registered its mark in the proper way.

A binding document proves that the products meet the requirements of the law, which are established on the basis of the issue of safety for people, the environment and property. A voluntary certificate confirms the conformity of the characteristics of the documentation that is attached by the seller or manufacturer. This method serves as an excellent lever to increase demand and consumer confidence.

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In addition to the certificate, a document may mean a declaration. It has the same legal force as the examined permit paper itself, however, it differs from it. First of all, it follows from responsibility. When submitting the declaration, the applicant bears it for all the information provided.

Certification Authority

The procedure is carried out by special bodies that have received the appropriate accreditation. Laboratory, where the samples are subjected to various tests, equipped with all necessary equipment according to national and international standards. In addition to technical conditions, highly qualified specialists work in them.

In order to obtain quality certificates for products, the applicant must submit a package of documents to the authorized accredited body. In general, the applicant:

  • submits an application for certification along with other necessary documents;
  • after studying by experts, the issue of issuing a certificate is decided when additional papers or actions may be required;
  • clarifies the HS codes, OKP, GOST and coordinates the scheme with an accredited body;
  • after carrying out all the actions and with a positive outcome, receives a document.

When mandatory, the maximum validity period is 5 years, and if voluntary, it cannot exceed three years.

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Procedure Procedure

The GOST quality certificate is issued in accordance with the procedure regulated in regulatory documents. For different types of products provides its own procedure scheme. In accordance with this and other components, certification body selects the desired view with or without its own set of tests. The main law here is the Federal Law "On Technical Regulation".

Certification in general consists of:

  • contract analysis;
  • initial audit;
  • receiving recommendations;
  • decision to issue a document;
  • supervisory authority;
  • re-audit.


When analyzing the contract, they pay attention to the area of ​​activity that will be certified, the ability of a particular center to provide a service, check the availability of information that is needed for an audit, and more.

The scope, which has a certificate product quality,, is determined with respect to products in the evaluation of design, sites for inspection and objects under consideration.

сертификаты качества на продукцию

The procedure begins after signing the relevant contract. Most permits are issued for a limited period. Certification begins with an initial audit when management is reviewed and then audited at the facility. If it ends successfully, then specialists may recommend issuing a certificate of quality compliance or take further actions depending on the chosen scheme.

All assessment documentation is sent to the main office, on the basis of which a decision is taken on subsequent actions. If the document is issued for a period of more than one year, then usually an additional annual inspection is prescribed in order to verify the conformity of the quality of the goods to those that were originally declared.