Journalist and TV host Andrei Norkin: biography, career and family

Andrey Norkin is a professional journalist, television and radio host. His biography and personal life today interest many people. Do you also consider yourself one of them? Then we recommend that you read the contents of the article.

Андрей норкин

Andrei Norkin: biography (childhood and adolescence)

Andrei was born on July 25, 1968 in Moscow. Our hero was brought up in a decent and an intelligent family. Father and mother tried to give their son everything that was needed for happiness: interesting toys, quality food and good outfits.

Andrei grew up as an obedient and inquisitive child. At school, he was one of the best students. His favorite subjects were literature, music and sketching. The boy read a lot and was happy to solve crosswords.


In 1985, Andrei Norkin received a certificate of secondary education. At that time, he had already decided on a future profession. The guy filed documents at Moscow State University. His choice fell on the faculty of journalism. Andrei managed to enter the university the first time. For 5 years he was a diligent and responsible student.

Андрей норкин биография

Professional activity

In the period from 1985 to 1986, Andrei Norkin worked as a locksmith in a workshop at the Research Institute for Long-Range Radio Communications. During the day he studied at Moscow State University, and worked in the evenings. After all, a young guy had to feed his family - his wife and little son.

In 1986, the guy was drafted into the army. Norkin was sent to the artillery unit located in the city of Kutaisi (Georgia). After 2 years, he returned and continued his studies.

From 1989 to 1996, Andrey mastered such professions as an announcer, editor and radio host. All this indicates that we have a comprehensively developed personality.

Андрей норкин нтв

Television career

In 1995, Andrei Norkin first appeared in the frame. NTV is a television channel where he conducted morning and afternoon broadcasts of the Today and Hero of the Day programs. The producers were pleased with the collaboration with the young journalist. However, in April 2001, our hero had to switch to the TV-6 channel. There he led two programs - Now and Dangerous World. And on this channel Norkin did not stay long.

From February 2002 to November 2007, he served as chief editor of Echo-TV. Our hero also headed the Moscow office of the cable channel RTVi.

Andrei Norkin's track record can go on for a long time. At different times, the journalist worked on Channel Five, the Kommersant FM radio station, the Russia-24 channel, and so on.

Personal life

In his youth, Andrei Norkin was not up to novels. In the first place he was studying. After all, only with good grades in the certificate could he count on admission to the university.

Our hero met his future wife Julia at the walls of Moscow State University. They both studied at the faculty of journalism. Their relationship has developed rapidly. Soon, Julia informed her lover about her interesting situation. Andrei Norkin, as a decent guy, made her an offer. The couple played a modest wedding. In 1986, their first-born son, Sasha, was born. The young father tried to combine study and part-time work. And Julia had to take academic leave at the university. Later, she still graduated from the journalism department of Moscow State University.

In 1995, the Norkins family replenished. A charming little daughter was born, who was called Alexandra. A few years ago, the couple adopted two boys - Artem and Alexei. They are siblings to each other. Children were left without parents and ended up in a boarding school. When this institution was visited by Andrei and Julia Norkins, they were immediately imbued with sympathy for the boys. Now the journalistic couple considers them their sons.


We spoke in detail about the childhood and youth, as well as about the professional activities and family life of Andrei Norkin. We wish him and his large family health, peace of mind and financial well-being!