Brigitte Bardot: biography, filmography and the personal life of the actress

The legendary French film actress Brigitte Bardot (full name Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot), was born on September 28, 1934 in Paris. Parents, Louis Bardot and Anna Maria Michel, tried to introduce Brigitte and her younger sister Jeanne to dancing. Girls willingly engaged in choreography, learned French and German dance performances. However, Jeanne soon abandoned classes, as she was drawn more to the exact sciences, mathematics and physics. Brigitte continued to study and dreamed of a ballerina career. The girl possessed natural grace and was very plastic.

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Podium and Vadim Roger

When Brigitte turned 13 years old, she successfully passed entrance exams to the Dance Academy and was enrolled in a ballet course taught by the wonderful Russian teacher-choreographer Boris Knyazev.

While studying dance art, Brigitte tried to find application for her talents in everyday life. In 1949, she began to appear on the catwalk in fashion shows, and later she was invited to a photo shoot for the French magazine Fashion Garden. A year later, photos of Brigitte Bardot appeared in the popular glossy magazine ELLE. It was then that she was noticed by a young aspiring filmmaker Roger Vadim. He showed a photo of the girl to his friend, the more experienced director Marc Allegre, and he without hesitation invited Brigitte to a screen test.

Movie debut

The debut in the movie with Bardot took place in 1952 in the movie "Norman Failure", where she played in tandem with Burville. In the next four years, the young, but already held actress starred in 16 films, which belonged to the category of low-budget productions and could not have a significant impact on her career growth. Brigitte Bardot, films with which left much to be desired, then there was already the wife of the young director Roger Vadim. Thus, in 1953, she ended up at the Cannes Film Festival and there she met many representatives of French cinema.

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The year 1956 was the beginning of her dizzying career for Brigitte Bardot, she starred in the film “And God Created a Woman” in the role of eighteen-year-old Juliette Ardi, who literally is torn between fans. The film became the directorial debut of Roger Vadim, who tried to create as many shocking episodes as possible during the development of the plot. The scene where Juliette was dancing on the table, outraged the entire conservative America, in Europe, too, not everyone liked this relaxed directorial thought. Many considered the movie the beginning of the sexual revolution. Scandalous motion picture really served as an impetus for the reassessment of moral values ​​by the American "dream factory".

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Hollywood refused Puritanism in the film industry, stopped avoiding frivolous scripts, there appeared actors and actresses who were ready to act in films with erotic episodes. French actress Brigitte Bardot has become a symbol of sexual looseness in the cinema.

In 1959, Brigitte starred in the film "Babette Goes to War" directed by Christian-Jacques. She played Babette, who got a job in a brothel, but in connection with the outbreak of World War II and the complete evacuation, she did not take up her duties. However, she still had to work, the girl was identified in British intelligence, and in the end, Babette and her partner, French intelligence officer Gerard, faced a task of military-political importance.

Main roles

In many films, Brigitte Bardot played the main roles, and her partners were such French movie stars as Jean Gabin and Alain Delon, Lino Venturo and Jean Marais. In addition, the actress had a period of cooperation with Hollywood, in 1966 she starred in an American-made film called "Sweet Brigitte" with Jimmy Stewart. Bardo accepted offers from Italian filmmakers. Once, Marcello Mastroianni became her partner on the set, and in the 1971 film “Oil Production”, Brigitte played with the famous Italian actress Claudia Cardinale.


Brigitte Bardot, whose filmography at that time contained more than 50 paintings, in 1973 announced her retirement. The list below shows some films from the filmography of the actress:

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  • Year 1956 - “The Bride Is Too Good,” directed by Pierre Gaspard Yui / Shushu.
  • Year 1957 - “Parisian”, directed by Michel Boiron / Brigitte Laurier.
  • Year 1958 - "In case of misfortune," directed by Claude Otan Lara / Yvette.
  • Year 1959 - "The Woman and the Clown", directed by Julien Duvivier / Eve.
  • Year 1960 - "Truth", directed by Henri Georges Clouseau / Domenic.
  • Year 1961 - "Famous Love Stories", directed by M. Boiron / Agnes.
  • Year 1962 - "Rest of the Warrior", directed by Roger Vadim / Genevieve.
  • Year 1963 - "Contempt", directed by Jean Luc Godard / Camille Javal.
  • Year 1964 - "Charming idiot", directed by Ed. Molinaro / Penelope.
  • Year 1965 - “Viva, Maria”, directed by Louis Mal / Maria.
  • Year 1966 - "Male - Female", directed by Jean Luc Luc Godard / Madeleine.
  • Year 1967 - "Two weeks in September", directed by Serge Bourguignon / Cecile.
  • Year 1968 - "Three Steps in Delirium", directed by Louis Mal / Frederick.
  • Year 1969 - "Women", directed by Jean Aurel / Clara.
  • Year 1970 - "Novice", directed by Claude Chabrol / Agnes.
  • Year 1971 - Rum Boulevard, directed by Robert Enrico / Linda La Rue.
  • The year 1972 - "Oil producers", directed by Christian-Jacques / Louise.
  • Year 1973 - "Don Giovanni", directed by Roger Vadim / Zhuanna.

The life goal of the legendary actress

After leaving the cinema, Brigitte retired to her own villa "Madrag" in the city of Saint-Tropez, on the southern coast of France, and devoted her life entirely to the protection of animals. The actress succeeded in this noble cause, on her initiative hundreds of shelters were created throughout France for stray dogs. Thanks to her persistent efforts, the government is developing entire programs to maintain rare populations of animals and birds. In 1986, Bardot founded the Fund of her name, in the charter of which is written not only the protection of animals, but also their well-being. The actress was not aware of the enormous burden she took on her fragile shoulders, because there are a huge number of animals on the earth that need help, and millions of investments are needed to help everyone. However, Brigitte, having an iron character, decided not to back down and solve the financial issues of the Fund in all available ways.

Brigitte Bardot Foundation

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Brigitte created the initial material base by selling her personal items at various auctions. Revenues amounted to three million francs, and this entire amount was focused on the maintenance of shelters, veterinary clinics and even animal sanatoriums. The actress's activities sometimes cross all borders, she is able to undermine the economy of a small country, if the government of this state listens to her requirements. For example, one day Brigitte asked the Canadian Prime Minister to stop hunting for seals. The prime minister’s cabinet prudently refrained from meeting with Bardo, otherwise hunting and fishing would have to be canceled, not to mention measures to save the fur-bearing animal. However, the requests of a worldwide animal protector are often heard, and impressive amounts of money are received from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation account from time to time.

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Animal Welfare and Political Statements

Brigitte Bardot, whose photo in her youth was not much different from pictures taken in adulthood, began to notice that she had wrinkles. However, she does not feel old age. Brigitte Bardot's energy is enough for the protection of animals, and for the political struggle. The idol of the actress has always been French President Charles de Gaulle. The last husband of the actress - Bernard d'Ormal - an active member of the party of right-wing radicals "National Front". However, Bardot divorced him not because of political disagreements, but because he was unable to love the animals as they deserve. The actress is a fierce champion of the abolition of all Muslim rituals associated with the sacrifice. Brigitte is so actively defending her position that she has already been tried several times for inciting hostility to Islam. Each court session ended with the award of a large fine. The actress pays and immediately makes a new statement.


Biography Brigitte Bardot is striking in its diversity, among other things, she writes books in which she raises questions of a national and international character. However, she is not shy in expressions: "French politicians are a bit of a weather vane, they turn to where the wind blows ... In comparison with politicians, French prostitutes are more likely to know what they want ..." The actress regularly raises the question of threatening Islamization of France, she counts the mosques built in France for each past year, calls immigrants from Arab countries living in almost all French cities, a crowd of strangers. In France, there is the "Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Nations", which is going to once again sue Brigitte Bardot. The Human Rights League also confronts the onslaught of the actress, who says: "The French gave their lives by crowding out the invaders, and what happens today? New invaders are crowding out the French."

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Personal life

After a divorce from her first husband, directed by Roger Vadim, Brigitte Bardot was not alone for long. Actor Jean-Louis Trentignan, the partner of the actress in the film "And God created a woman," was in love with her, and Brigitte eventually reciprocated. The young people lived together for a year and a half. In 1959, Bardot married for the third time, actor Jacques Charlier. From him she gave birth to a son, Nicolas. After the divorce, the son of Brigitte Bardot and Jacques began to live in the house of Sharya's parents.

Then the actress met with the musician Sasha Distel, after him with Bob Zaguri, and finally, Serge Gainsbourg became her close friend. The next legitimate husband Brigitte was in 1966, the German Gunter Sachs, an industrial millionaire. The couple lived for three years and divorced safely. The actress last married in 1992, she agreed to become the wife of Bernard d'Ormal, a politician. After divorcing him, Brigitte put an end to prenuptial agreements and began to live in pleasant solitude in her villa.