How to get an interview with a sales manager? Questions and answers

To recruit staff, a recruiter needs to be interviewed. A meeting between a potential employee and a future employer is usually conducted through dialogue. The task of the recruiter is to find out all your positive and negative qualities, determine professionalism and competence. After the interview, the recruiter will decide whether the candidate is suitable for the vacancy or not. In this article we will tell you how to get an interview with a sales manager. Let's find out what issues a potential employee may face.

как пройти собеседование на менеджера по продажам

Sales Manager: who is it

First of all, it’s the seller who knows how to correctly, beautifully and tastyly talk about the product. While managers abroad can manage entire departments, in Russia the definition of a profession is slightly distorted. Initially, an employee not only sold, but also regularly analyzed. He noted an increase or decrease in sales, controlled the shipment of tangible goods. Now this profession is being modified, and more emphasis is placed on honing oratory skills.

The manager is a specialist who is responsible for responsible work - conducting sales of the company. The main goal of the employee is to competently offer the product to the buyer, and then to sell profitably. Let's find out how to get an interview with a sales manager.

What qualities should a specialist have?

To successfully pass an interview for a sales manager, you need to know what qualities a specialist should have. The key to success in the profession is the ability to excel yourself, know the psychology of the client and strive for continuous career growth. The main feature of the "salesman" is unlimited earnings, which depends only on completed transactions.

как проходит собеседование менеджера по продажам

  • Sales Manager - speaker and expert speaker. He should be able to talk with any customers, correctly transmit information regarding the product.
  • Aspiration and motivation. Many companies offer excellent working conditions: salary + percentage of each transaction. This means that a specialist can earn as much as he wishes. One “but”: the manager must constantly develop his strengths, work on shortcomings and analyze his failures.
  • To be active. You will not be interviewed by a sales manager if you are sluggish to answer questions from a recruiter. Each company requires active, cheerful specialists. The reason is simple: the “sales person” works directly with customers and often the company's financial growth depends on his mood and positive.
  • Stress resistance. Customers are different, and accepting this fact is very important. A professional manager never focuses on the negative; he can easily discard conflict situations and resolve contentious issues.

How to prepare for an interview?

We offer you a list of questions for an interview with a sales manager. Use the advice so that the recruiter will notice your candidacy: start a notebook, write down the questions indicated below, and then answer honestly, beautifully and correctly in writing. Study all your phrases carefully, get rid of parasite words and jargon. Rehearse the answers in front of a mirror or friend, while do not be afraid to be creative by adding additional information. You can also record your monologue on the recorder and listen to the voice, volume and diction. These parameters are taken into account by the recruiter, because, as mentioned above, the “salesman” is a skilled speaker.

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Questions and answers for an interview with a sales manager

  • "Tell us about your experience in trade, education?" He graduated from the university with a degree in Accounting and Audit. Today I study remotely and get a master's degree. There is no sales experience, but I am always ready to learn new things.
  • "Who do you see yourself in 5-10-15 years?". I improved my trading skills, perhaps I opened my own company or became the head of the finance department.
  • "The client came to you clearly not in the spirit. He reacts extremely negatively and sharply to all your answers, while you feel the heat. How will you behave?" First of all, I will smile, keep easy and calm. I will not respond with aggression to anger, and I will not pass all the negativity through myself. Despite this, I will continue to advise the client. I am able to abstract in such situations - this is my main plus.
  • "Tell us about your positive and negative sides?". My best traits are determination, a thirst for constant growth and activity. My worst traits are arrogance, perseverance, and introspection. Perhaps the negative side of sales, on the contrary, will be my pluses.

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What questions should a recruiter ask?

How to get an interview with a sales manager? It's simple: ask counter questions, show interest. If the recruiter will conduct a one-way conversation, then your candidacy will definitely not suit the company. Moreover, all questions should be in the case:

  1. Responsibilities of a specialist.An important question, because it often happens that unscrupulous companies hire a specialist as a sales manager, and ultimately a new employee performs the work of both the secretary and the cleaner. Ask the recruiter to provide you with a list of responsibilities that are signed by the director and specialists.
  2. Customer base.Specify who is looking for customers. If there is a marketing department, it means that the company is successful and the manager will not have to spend time searching for customers. In some offices, the specialist is responsible: he places ads and tries to attract a client base, while the salary does not increase.
  3. Funnel and sales rates.Find out what the average cycle for the average manager. Ask the recruiter to provide you with an analysis in the form of a diagram that indicates the growth and decline of sales, as well as the norms for specialists.
  4. Bonus system and salary.In accordance with the law, a company must provide a specialist with a minimum salary. The rest of the salary comes from perfect sales. For this, bonus schemes are thought out. For example: an employee will receive 5% from each transaction, and when performing 10 sales, he will receive an additional bonus of 3,000 rubles.

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Useful Tips

How is the interview for the sales manager? As a rule, in small companies a recruiter will take you in a small office, where they do not always pay attention to the dress code, but in large companies all the details are important:

  • The date and time of the interview is appointed by the recruiter, so it is extremely undesirable to be late. A company cannot rely on an irresponsible or non-punctual candidate.
  • Keep an eye on your appearance: sneakers, greasy hair, halitosis or smeared mascara - a sign of untidiness. Sales Manager - The face of the company.
  • Bring a portfolio and resume, along with diplomas and a track record. Perhaps a huge folder with documents will not be needed for a recruiter, but it will become your trump card.
  • A quiet voice shaking hand, a twitching eye is a sign of uncertainty. If you can’t cope with a simple recruiter, then what can you say about how your behavior will change when you see a client. Pull yourself together and realize that a sales manager is a job that requires maximum confidence from you.
  • Answer questions correctly, clearly and clearly. Do not bother, do not go away from answers, speak as honestly and openly as possible. Yes, maybe the recruiter will take you by surprise with questions about your personal life. That is why it is important to prepare before the interview using the coveted notebook.

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What will happen if you lie?

Many people ask: "How to get an interview with a sales manager?" It's simple: do not embellish your answers, do not invent non-existent facts. If you say that you are a stress-resistant and non-conflict person, but in reality throw with fists at everyone who looks in your direction, then you have no place in the trade. Do not waste your time neither yours nor a recruiter or mentor. Remember that before you are sent to the hall to work with clients, the company will provide training that lasts several days. Therefore, it is recommended to talk as honestly as possible about your qualities, or to allow a truly worthy candidate to take your place.

This does not apply to all answers: some companies practice western negotiation technique, where questions regarding the personal life of the candidate are often used. If you do not want to tell that you are planning children in the next two years, then just let the recruiter hear what he wants.

How to learn to sell cars?

Let's find out how to get an interview with a car sales manager. This vacancy is considered the most profitable, in addition, all specialists have career opportunities. To do this, the recruiter must understand how well you know the product offered. You must understand the models, characteristics of the car. The main task of the "salesman" is to tell the client about all the advantages of the machine, using all the eloquence and oratory.

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To summarize

Now you know how to get an interview with an active sales manager. Remember that the main thing in this profession is the ability to stay confident. Public fear, restraint or modesty are bad qualities that certainly will not help to succeed in trading.