How to reduce page scale in different cases?

Quite often, when working on various digital devices, it is impossible to make out what is on its screen. In this situation, the question arises,

Как уменьшить масштаб страницы?
how to zoom out or zoom out. For inexperienced novice users, this situation causes a lot of negative emotions. They begin to get nervous and commit completely unpredictable actions. Although there is nothing super-scary in this, and by performing simple manipulations everything can be returned to its original state. It is important to note one point. The question of how to zoom out or enlarge a page should be tied to a specific type of device. That is, for a smartphone, the procedure for solving such a problem is one, but for a personal computer it is completely different. Moreover, in the second case, the application in which such a situation arose plays an important role.

Mobile devices

The easiest way to solve this problem is on mobile devices with an OS called "android" and with a touch capacitive screen type (and most of them are today). All this information can be easily found in the documentation that comes with the kit, or verified empirically. To do this, just spread two fingers and lean against the screen. When they come closer, the image will have to be scaled to a smaller

Уменьшение размера изображения
side. This is the answer to the question "how to reduce the page scale on a smartphone or tablet running an operating system from Google." To perform the opposite operation, you need to put your fingers together and then gradually push them apart. Most often it is used when viewing Internet resources, images and text documents. The situation on mobile phones is a bit more complicated. They are more often used touch screens with resistive technology. As a result, it is already impossible to change the scale in the previously described way. In some cases (for example, “Nokia S2-03”), on the side of the screen there are two loops with “plus” and “minus”. It is they who are responsible for the implementation of this operation. If there are no such buttons, then you need to look through the menu and find the necessary item in it. Similarly, this situation is solved on push-button devices.


Today, many browser-based utilities are used to view Internet pages on the screen of a personal computer. But they have the same algorithm for zooming. There are two ways - using only the keyboard and a combination of the latter and the mouse. As an example, let’s reduce the size of a site’s image on a monitor screen. To do this, just hold down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and - without releasing it - press “-”. This should lead to the desired result. The second way is that you need to hold down the same Ctrl key and turn the mouse scroll. If the manipulations lead to the opposite result, then you need to change the direction of rotation. Also, in most of these software products, the menu has the “Scaling” item (for example, in the Yandex browser). He has three points: “+”, “-” and “100%”. Their action is similar to the previously described manipulations.

Text editor

Ample opportunities for zooming are implemented in various text editors, for example, in Word. It has a separate tab “View”. There is a mini-scale "Scale" on it. There are only 5 buttons. The first one sounds the same

Положение страницы
like the name of the mini-panel. When you click on it, a special window appears in which you can use the numeric keypad to set the desired value. The second button is “100%”. It allows you to make the position of the page the way it would look on paper after output to the printer. Very convenient operation for preview. The last three buttons are designed to scale the document so that the screen has one or two pages in width. It is also possible without going into any tabs to do a similar operation. To do this, just click the “+” or “-” in the left corner of the screen above taskbar to resize the text.


As part of this material, it has been demonstrated how to reduce the page scale using mobile devices and a computer as an example. And in the latter case, it is shown how to solve this problem in various browsers and word processors. There is nothing complicated about this. Even a novice user can easily cope with such a task.