Metal hose for cable: dimensions, specifications, photos

The metal hose for the cable, the dimensions of which will be mentioned in the article, is a sealed, flexible, corrugated high-pressure pipe, which is made using galvanized tape. Using this product, you can provide additional protection for the cable from electromagnetic radiation, kinks, cuts, crushing, pulling and other environmental factors.

The manufacturing technology of these products is quite simple, which is why they are quite cheap, which means they are available to a wide range of consumers. In addition, such products will save on possible repair of communication systems, which could be required if a network break occurred.

Basic properties

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A metal hose for a cable, the dimensions of which must be taken into account before purchase, has many positive features, among them it should be highlighted:

  • fire resistance;
  • radiation safety;
  • explosion safety;
  • electrical safety;
  • chemical safety.


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All of the above qualities are manifested during operation, transportation and storage. A metal hose can be operated under different conditions, while chemical and food substances, as well as oil products, can act on its walls. Products do not lose their characteristics when exposed to temperatures from -200 to +700 about C, while the pressure can be 306 atmospheres.

If you also decide to purchase a metal hose for the cable, its dimensions should be selected in accordance with the purpose. Since these products are quite widespread, their most popular sizes can range from 6 to 200 mm. A metal hose is used in construction, gas and oil industries, as well as other areas of human activity.


металлорукав для кабеля технические характеристики

A metal hose for the cable, the dimensions of which were mentioned above, is made according to technical specifications. Products may be based on galvanized steel tape or a tape enclosed in a polyvinyl chloride coating. In the latter case, the surface of the walls is black. You can purchase a metal hose with varying degrees of protection. If you have an IP65 product in front of you, this indicates that dust will not get inside during use. In this case, the cable will be protected from water jets, from whatever direction they come.

Temperature Range

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It is important to consider the installation temperature. For a type of cable labeled P3-C, this value varies from -40 to +100 about C. If the cable is designated as P3-C-PVC, it can be laid in a temperature range from -5 up to +60 about C. However, installation at a temperature of 90 about C. is also permissible. Operating temperatures vary approximately within the same range.

For the variety P3-C, this range varies from -40 to +100 about C, whereas if the product has a PVC shell, the range is reduced and will be equal to the limit from -25 to +60 about C. With regard to fire resistance, these metal hoses do not support combustion.

Key Features

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A metal hose for a cable, the dimensions of which you can find in the article, have some distinctive features, among them it should be highlighted:

  • additional wiring protection from shock and mechanical damage;
  • acting as an additional screen;
  • the presence of a PVC shell;
  • implementation in the form of a bay;
  • the possibility of use in production conditions where transportation of coarse bulk solids is required.

The metal hose for the cable, the technical characteristics of which were presented above, is often compared with products made of polyvinyl chloride and HDPE. The first of these three options wins in that it provides a high degree of protection for wiring from shock loads and fire if a short circuit occurs. In addition, the products do an excellent job of protecting the internal contents from rodents.

A metal hose can also act as a screen that will protect the cable from electromagnetic interference. The presence of a polyvinyl chloride shell provides insulation, which eliminates the ingress of water and dust. If you decide to purchase a metal hose for the cable, where this product is used, you should find out. This is discussed in the article, as well as the main distinguishing features. Among them, it is worth highlighting the convenient implementation of products in bays that can be used for installation work at the facility.

It is also important to take into account the dimensions, for example, one bay may contain a metal hose, the length of which varies from 10 to 100 meters. The manufacturer indicates the inner and outer diameters, they vary from 7.8 to 78 and from 11.6 to 83 mm, respectively. The diameter of the conditional passage can be equal to a figure from 8 to 75 mm.

Design Features

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The metal hose is universal, therefore it can be used not only to protect cables and wires from moisture, mechanical damage and adverse environmental influences, but also when installing heating, air conditioning and local exhaust ventilation systems. If the metal hose has PVC insulation, then it can be used to provide protection against electric shock.

The metal hose for the cable, the photo of which we posted in the review, is made of galvanized steel tape, which is sometimes coated with PVC insulation on top, it can be gray or black, in the first case the product is non-combustible and has chemical additives, it is they that reduce the risk of fire .

On sale you can find metal hoses that do not support combustion, self-extinguish and have a plasticizer based on insulation. Insulated products are made by applying a sheath to a sealed metal hose, manufactured under the marking P3-TsH. A metal hose suggests the need for protection from external damage. Before installation, it is checked for defects. Products should not bend more than the minimum radius.

Explanation of labeling

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A metal hose for a cable, the description of which is presented in the article, is sold under a certain marking. If you saw the following designation: P3-CPU, then it indicates that you have an unpressurized sleeve, which is made of galvanized steel tape. It has a protective PVC coating, denoted by the letter P. When the manufacturer adds the alphanumeric designation ng-25, it indicates that the product will not support combustion, and will automatically die out when exposed to fire. The number indicates the diameter of the conditional internal passage in millimeters.

Mounting Features

The metal hose for the cable (GOST R 51330) must be laid according to a certain technology. If we are talking about internal work, it is important to carry out installation taking into account the preservation of the aesthetic appearance of the internal space. However, most often such products are installed in garages, workshops, as well as basements and storage rooms. The location of the cable can be open or closed.

To increase the ease of installation, you should use staples that are fixed to the mounting surface with screws or nails. Sometimes mounting clamps are used for this. Due to the fact that the metal hose does not act as a protection against fire of the wiring, it will be a violation of the rules to install wiring on flammable surfaces and substrates, plastic and wood should be included here.

Power wiring can be laid in a metal hose only if it is surrounded on all sides by fireproof material. It is important to prevent the accumulation of moisture and condensation on the surface of the products during installation. Introductory and couplings. can be protective fittings. Different pieces of the metal hose can be joined together by couplings. The metal hose can be brought into the installation box, for this, input couplings are used, with the help of them it is possible to bring the products into the electrical equipment housings and switchboards.


Metal hoses are widely used for many reasons. Firstly, they can be used to effectively protect cables and wiring from mechanical damage. Secondly, such products reliably protect against short circuit against fire. Thirdly, the sleeves have a high degree of flexibility, so they can be quite simply installed without using additional devices and accessories. Such a sleeve can act as a screen from electromagnetic interference. In addition, the metal hose reliably protects the cable from unwanted bends and rodents.