The image of Lensky in the novel "Eugene Onegin". Evil rock or fate?

Everyone who has ever read "Eugene Onegin" will certainly admire the perfection of its content, the beauty of the language and the ease of perception. But that is not all. This work traces the problems of Russian society at the beginning of the 19th century. After all, the freedom-loving and progressive youth of that time was very disappointed in what she saw and what awaited her in empty secular life. And Onegin is just one of these people.

Образ Ленского в романе Евгений Онегин

The image of Lensky in the novel "Eugene Onegin"

An essay on this topic suggests the answer to the question: who then is Vladimir Lensky? This hero received from Pushkin an unusually vivid and lively characterization. He impresses with his decency, sincerity and insecurity. The image of Lensky in the novel "Eugene Onegin" just embodies a certain opposition to the sophisticated and spoiled little bartender, brought up without strict morality and having received a home education - Onegin, who is already tired and disappointed with life and sees in it only falsehood and aimlessness.

Роман Евгений Онегин образ Ленского

The author himself describes Lensky as a handsome man in the prime of his life, who for a long time lived and studied abroad and was far from Russia. Lensky was shrouded in the poetry of Schiller and Goethe, his soul was drawn to everything moral and pure. He had not yet managed to fade in the cold debauchery of the world, because he was almost eighteen years old. For comparison: Onegin is 26 years old, he was not at all interested in poetry and did not write poetry.

The image of Lensky in the novel “Eugene Onegin” is a vivid character of an educated cultural and still very young, dreamy and romantic person who sought to throw out all his emotions and feelings in his poems. He is completely alien in secular society, he did not like feasts and noisy stupid conversations. Therefore, it was difficult for him to find like-minded people and like-minded people.

The image of Lensky in the novel "Eugene Onegin": a summary of the relationship between the main characters

And fate itself brings Lensky to Onegin’s house. Between them, friendship immediately arises, albeit so strange and unusual. Two opposites came together, very different from each other, like a wave and a stone, like ice and a flame. And even despite the fact that they were constantly arguing, these people still felt mutual sympathy for each other. Lensky treasured this friendship very much, it was of great importance to him, since he needed Onegin and wanted to share his feelings with him, and sometimes to philosophize on different topics. Lensky deeply believed that true friends would always come to the rescue and in fairness condemn the offender.

Образ Ленского в романе Евгений Онегин сочинение

"Heart dear ignoramus"

Pushkin repeatedly turns his attention to the fact that Lensky lives in a world of dreams and unfulfilled desires. He does not delve deeply into the essence of things and therefore literally immediately falls in love with Olga as soon as he sees her blue eyes, smile, light curls and a light camp. And as a very romantic person, Lensky for himself completes his image with perfection and virtues, feelings and thoughts, which were completely absent in her. So madly in love with Olga. But she was by no means perfect.

So the author “Eugene Onegin” was conceived by the author. The image of Lensky is presented there too pure and disinterested, because his main priorities in life were faith in freedom, friendship and, of course, love, which would destroy him.

Because of his keen perception and ambitions, he very painfully perceived the defiant behavior of the womanizer Onegin, who decided to spite him to flirt with his bride Olga. Now, however, it seemed to Lensky that he had been brutally deceived, and he was unable to bear this shame and was therefore forced to challenge Onegin to a duel. The fatal duel took place, and Onegin killed poor Lensky.

Образ Ленского в романе Евгений Онегин краткое содержание

Accident or pattern?

The death of a young man is very symbolic and suggests that pure romantic and dreamy natures, far from reality, often die due to clashes with the harsh realities of life. Probably, Pushkin sees this as the way out of the moral emptiness and immorality reigning in secular society.

The image of Lensky in the novel "Eugene Onegin" is a vivid representative of the advanced young aristocracy, who died at the hands of a comrade. So did it happen by chance? After all, he was a man with wonderful inclinations, a hopeful poet and a dreamy romantic.


Lensky leads to death misunderstanding of people. He was required to be restrained and to include, instead of maximalist principles and emotionality, only common sense. But he could not be reconciled, his ambition and ardor prevented him. And so he died, and it was precisely when it was necessary to show firmness and firmness of character. So Pushkin decided to end the fate of Lensky.

If this hero had survived, then most likely he would have turned into an ordinary man in the street, disappointed in people, without the sentimentality that cynicism would replace. Pushkin, having conceived the image of Lensky in the novel "Eugene Onegin", understood that such people at that time had no future, so the fate of this hero is so sad.